This is the perfect formula for those discovering golf for the first time. On the menu during this educational package is an inauguration to the landscape, the equipment and golfing techniques, as well as that of the life of a golfer.


Most website dedicated to golf offer formulas to discover the practice. However, not everywhere has the privilege of offering a course whereby novice players can play without constraint within their fist hour of ever playing golf.

The Mâcon La Salle Golf is the only one of its region to offer beginners a golf course resembling that of a standard course, equal in quality to that of its 18 hole big brother.


During the course of this package, you have 8 hours of group lessons, to be used ideally with a frequency of one hour per week.

This package is designed to provide you with the best conditions in which to familiarise yourself with the principles of the sport.

In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, group lessons are conducted in groups of 3 to 8 people and are dependent on the weekly schedules posted on the information board in the clubhouse.


The philosophy behind Golf Discoveryis to introduce you to the game of golf without much initial investment, as each participant is provided with the necessary equipment to discover the game.

During your two-month introductory package you will be provided with a bag containing a half set of clubs made of wood, four irons and a putter.

Moreover you will have the opportunity to purchase this equipment at a discounted rate at the end of your Golf Discovery. (The equipment provided will of course be brand new!).

GOLF COURSE -  250 €

Following "Golf Discoveryaround 9 out of 10 people desire to keep playing golf in a leisurely fashion or as a more competitive sport.

As such upon completing this introductory phase, it becomes about improving technical skills and familiarising oneself with he essential rules of golf, most notably that of specific etiquettes such as the respect of the land and the other golfers.

By the same principle you will have permanent access to the compact course for the duration of 4 month.

Additionally during These 4 month you will benefit from 12 hours of group lessons.


Adolfo Segovia

A native of Montauban, Adolfo SEGOVIA discovered golf at Valence d'Agen at the age of 17.

10 years later, Adolfo began a two years CREPS in Montpellier and started his teacher training at Golf de Saint Cyprien under the leadership of Patrick LACROIX.

Adolfo was rewarded his BEES diploma in 1994.

Arriving at the Mâcon La Salle Golf in 1995, where he became head teacher.

 With the aid of GOLF DISCOVERY, a formula offering novice players the opportunity to play on a compact course Adolfo has, since his arrival, formed over 1000 golfers. Amongst which the majority are long-term members of the club.

Adolfo is equally an essential member of out team, vital to nurturing daily occurring hiccups such as difficulties with your swing. Group courses of 2 to 5 days, individual lessons on the driving range or on the course are areas in which he can be of assistance.

Loyal to the Mâcon La Salle Golf since 15 years, Adolfo remains essential to your progression and guiding you on your golfing journey.

Individual courses

Whatever your level of practice, all golfers occasionally encounter technical difficulties.

Only teachers have the means to help you in times of "golf distress."

Whatever your level of play, most practitioners wish to obtain more regularity, cross bearings, progress ....

Only teachers hold the key to open up the path of progress.

Adolfo SEGOVIA is reputable in this area, praised by each of his students.